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"These are all very dedicated people who put forth extra effort to help win the business and the field appreciates having access to such a valuable resource!"

"Your great folks helped create a superb RFP response, and the customers feedback was that we had the best, most thorough response (with REAL answers). Thanks for helping me win
this business!"

"This was by far the best looking finished response I have ever worked on. The document itself is stunning and sets us apart from the competition."

"I feel strongly about all of the positive help that I have received thus far for proposal support and thus, have rated all areas as EXCELLENT!" 

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Andree Driskell & Associates offers a full range of expertise and resources necessary to prepare WINNING proposals. Our proven approach to pre-proposal positioning and preparation, competitive analysis, and writing/production has resulted in high win rates.

Our mission is to increase your productivity, enhance your efficiency and provide to you winning deliverables. Our services are customized to fit your business needs. From consulting to training, from pre-proposal activities, to writing, to final proposal production, Andree Driskell & Associates possess the right expertise to help you win. We have produced thousands of marketing campaigns and winning proposals, and supported the generation of billions of dollars of revenue. We also have extensive experience working remotely, across any time zone, including North America, South America, Europe and Japan, meeting all deadlines with a ' whatever it takes' attitude.

Andree Driskell & Associates have worked in major corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, General Electric Company, Lockheed Martin, Electric Power Research Institute, the University of California, and SRI International. Our associates are experts in project management, writing, editing, training, graphics design, knowledge management, and proposal web site design. We also provide operational consulting to support and improve the preparation of winning proposals generated by your internal proposal organization. In addition, we offer one stop shopping for all your sales support needs such as market research, trade shows, executive seminars and success stories.

 Our experience includes optimal utilization of proprietary intellectual properties to create sole source positions. We assist Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses in positioning their intellectual property and assets, to acquire funding from both public and privates sources for commercialization of product ideas. Our product and technical expertise spans computer products and software to biotech and pharmaceuticals.

Andree Driskell personally has over 25 years of experience in areas such as engineering, sales support and customer seminars. Andree managed the proposal organization of a Fortune 100 corporation for over 8 years, and supported the rollout of international proposal organizations in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Japan. The combined resources of Andree Driskell & Associates have over 50 years of proposal experience. Other associates have also managed proposal organizations for Fortune 100 corporations and supported the rollout of domestic and international proposal programs.

Andree and her team of professionals stand ready to apply their expertise to make a positive impact on all your proposal efforts. Call us at our offices in Fremont or Oakland today to get started. You can also use our handy Proposal Support Survey by selecting "For More Information" below. A member of our consulting team will contact you as soon as possible to review your specific needs.





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